What am I supposed to do?

I do not feel guilty. Not for anything.
I feel pitty. I feel sympathy. I feel sorry for him.
But I feel no guilt for leaving him, for leaving home.

I weighed the decision and analyzed the situation objectively.
I made a choice with my best interest in mind.
I followed my heart, and it didn't find me with him.

Maybe this makes me a cold, insensitive bastard.
If that's the case, then I suppose I have nothing to say for myself.
But regardless, I do not regret it, and I stand by my choice.

I will be happy, whether he is or not. There was a time when that would have been impossible.

But he doesn't affect me anymore.
This is just becoming drama. And I don't want it.

But I do miss having someone, if only to hold hands with. And I wish I could find somebody out here.