Or Am I Tripping?

Here i sit, filling the screen with nothing particularly beautiful or eloquent--i haven't the time for that just now. I haven't even the time to capitalize each individual "i" or to use commas as precisely as i'd like to. I'm on a schedule, you see.

No work today, but i am to meet "Papaya" and friends at six for dinner. After which, he and i will meet up with some of my more cultured friends for a film festival. No doubt after that i'll find myself sitting on a bed eating rice with something spicy as my foreign friends spit nonsense-words at one another. And me, all the while, with a quizzical expresson accross my american face.

My job is up in the air.
my fate with Delaware North Companies is to be decided on friday, i believe.

I was arrested last week for sleeping drunk in the meadow.
----i have a criminal record?

I'll be bumming around for a while if i get fired. My court date isn't until the 3rd of june anyhow. but im not worried for whatever reason.

My hands are raw from the unforgiving rock that calls me back again and again.

I guess i'm dating a thai boy, and im beginning to like him.

I don't know where i'll be living in 4 months.
And i am unafraid.
I am exhilarated.
i am Free.

I miss my friend, my family.
i still miss a lot of people and things.
but i am alive.
and it is a beautiful life.