Michigan Summer...

Here I come.
So, I fucked up out in California... and I'm back home now.

I'm kinda sad... not sad really, but a little dissapointed in myself I suppose.

I really wanted to make it out there. I planned to come back to visit, but honestly i never wanted to LIVE here again. So I'm a little sour for that reason.

But, there are positives:
-I get to spend time with my family. See how my brother is growing up; be an active part of it.
-I return feeling refreshed, and i don't intend to let that stagnant feeling set back in.
-I can make a hell-of-a-lot more money here than I could in Yosemite.
-There are opportunities to PERFORM here, albeit kinda lame. I actually have options.
-The lake is here, and It's sweet.
-Michigan summers are actually pretty awesome.

So, yeah.
I'm here.
And I'll likely be here for a while--regretably, but not, at the same time.

I'm happy.:)