What Was He Thinking???

Camp4 is full this weekend, and I'll be arrested on-the-spot if I'm seen in housing areas.

So I get the parking lot.

Cake is too attatched, and I'm trying subtlely to push him away... but he's crazy, and more than likely won't catch on until I spell it out for him (perhaps literally).

ok... time to ramble like old times in lj (when i hit the [enter] key whenever it seemed even remotely acceptable... and sometimes for no damn reason)

what am i doing?
this life...
he's cute, and nice,
and great for cuddling.
he's more naive than his years should allow.
call it culture-shock.
maybe it really is so different in thailand.
it's going to hurt him a lot. :(

i have to go now i suppose

rachel is ready to go. and i'm sleeping in her car tonight.