A Walking Catastrophe

Much has happened in past four or so months.
Fired from Red Robin in September.
Was a faun for Halloween.
Moved in with Val and Keith in early November.
-Fixed the place up nice.
-Drank a lot of beer.
-Drank a lot, generally.
Moved back home in january when Val and Keith went back to California.
Got arrested for drunk driving january 18th.
-Sentencing on March 2nd. going to cost a couple of thousand dollars.
-"Driver Responsibility Fee" of $1000 due in 20 days.
Started seeing a counselor at Hackley Life Counseling--for potential substance abuse.
Got a job serving at Finley's.
Megan moved to San Diego.
I got arrested for retail fraud on February 12th at Meijer.
-Booked downtown and released on a PR bond.
-Arraignment February 24th.
-Mom doesn't know yet.
Mom's job was terminated two days ago.

Life is falling apart.
I am a wreck.