it's been a week

the sun comes up,
i think about you.
the coffee cup,
i think about you.
i want you so,
it's like i'm losing my mind.

the morning ends,
i think about you.
i talk to friends,
i think about you.
and do they know?
it's like i'm losing my mind.

all afternoon,
doing every little chore,
the thought of you stays bright.
sometimes i stand
in the middle of the floor,
not going left,
not going right.

i dim the lights
and think about you.
spend sleepless nights
to think about you.
you said you loved me,
or where you just being kind?
or am i losing my mind?

(-Stephen Sondheim)

(it's been a week. i want to give you time and space.... but it feels unnatural not talking to you.
it feels WRONG to not have you in my day-to-day...
And it's not just that i miss you.
i don't like living with-out you

(i'm so tired.
tired of thinking of you
every single day.
but to stop
i feel it would depreciate
my quality of life.

but who am i?
to make a judgement
in my current state?
so wrapped up
in all that i'd thought we'd made.

I thought we'd made so much
in so little time.

I was ready to try
to live a more than ordinary life.
to keep you by my side...
to salvage you and i.

but who am I
without you?
I can't try
without you.....))

it's been a week.